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We have been in business for 4 years and during those four years we have never completely relied on our previous experience because we know that detailing vehicles is constantly evolving, and we need to continually educate ourselves from other experts in the industry. We are a part of the International Detailing Association and take great pride in associating with detail experts who help to shape the detailing industry.

Because of our experience and daily learning, we use the best microfiber cloths to ensure blemish free detailing with washes, polishing, coatings, and ceramic. In fact, in the car detailing world the microfiber towel is one of the most important tools in our toolbox. Microfiber towels are easy to find and a lot of the product available is actually not that good and will not do what microfiber is supposed to do when it comes to cleaning. First of all, a microfiber should have a denier count below 1 because that means the polyamide fibers are small enough to pick up the dirt, debris, germs, and bacteria. But have a count less than 1 is only part of the story with microfiber towels, they also need to be split fibers because the split causes a hooking action in them and without being split, they are not really any different from any other cloth. Third, microfiber towels need to have a good weight count of about 350 so they can actually absorb and hold the material we are cleaning away. Without that ability of the cloth, we are only spreading the dirt around, so we make sure the towels have the right GSM to them. Lastly, microfiber towels that we use for detailing and cleaning need to have a significant percentage of polyamide in them. We like a 70/30 mix which is 30% polyamide and 70% cotton or nylon fibers. When you get your vehicle detailed at God’s Car Detail you can be assured that it is being cleaned and beautified with the right towels that not only clean but keep the vehicle hygienic.

In addition to the microfiber towels that we use with detailing and polishing we use high end polishers from Rupes. These are dual action polishers that prevent swirls and holograms and work efficiently taking only what needs to be taken off and wiped down with the right microfiber to give that beautiful gloss and shine that people want in their car or truck.

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When we wash our vehicles at God’s Car Detail, we start with the wheels, wheel wells and door jams because the dirt and debris will often spread to the body and when we rinse the paint, we want to make sure there is no extra debris on our vehicles. Using a quality wheel cleaner will remove brake dust and clean the grime of roads, we soak them first, then agitate with microfiber wheel brushes. These brushes won’t scratch the finish on the wheels and effectively remove dirt and dust from the barrels as well as the face of the wheel. With the hot water rinse and scrub of the tires we achieve beautiful clean wheels and clean black tires that will be able to receive our protective tire dressings.

Next, we first put a PH neutral soap on the paint to loosen and lift as much dirt as possible, and then we rinse with hot water to remove as much debris as we can. The better the rinse before the mechanical wash the better the clean and reduction of wash marks on the paint. After we have rinsed it we again use our foam cannon to cover the vehicle with PH neutral soap and then use a three bucket system to mechanically wash the vehicle rinsing our high end microfiber wash mitts at every panel. We then rinse it with hot water again and blow dry it with a 8 hp metrovac to minimize touching the paint. The result is a dry and clean vehicle that looks great.

For our interior cleaning we go the extra mile by lifting seats and getting into areas that can’t be reached ordinarily. We know that vents and air move debris and dirt around and if we don’t clean it all, the vehicle will soon be dirty because of unreached material moving into visible areas. We also take care to use the highest quality products on plastics, glass surfaces, fabric, and leather. First, we vacuum the carpets with high pressure air to dislodge the copious amounts of sand that get caught in carpets. With high pressure air blowing at the nozzle of our vacuum we prevent it from blowing all over the interior, and we get a beautiful deep vacuum clean of the carpets.

Auto Detailing | auto triz

With high pressure air blowing at the nozzle of our vacuum we prevent it from blowing all over the interior, but we get a beautiful deep vacuum clean of the carpets. After vacuuming our hot water shampoo and extraction is done on carpets and fabrics leaving the seats and carpets clean and odors that once lodged in them are now removed. For leather, we use expensive superior leather cleaner free from silicones and additives that deter leather from looking like it did when it left the factory. Of course, with this deep clean we also massage an amazing conditioner into the leather making them soft and pliable like they were designed to be. Our microfibers can lift the germs, debris, and even bacteria off the hard surfaces, and for our display panels we use soft high-end microfibers that do not leave lint and will not scratch or mar. Our goal is to give you a 5 star clean that you can be proud of. For those vehicles that require that extra step in eliminating odours like sour milk we offer our ozone generation to consume those odors. First, we do a thorough interior clean to remove the offending products and then with a clean dry vehicle we will use the ozone to eat away the odours that try to linger in the vehicle.

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For cars and trucks that need that extra on the paint to make it shine, we offer 1 to 3 stage polish and paint correction depending on what the vehicle needs. For those who want a flawless paint that is going to be coated with a paint sealant of ceramic we use high end paint thickness gauges to make sure we are working with paint that can handle the paint correction without damage. For the correcting we use the latest technology for paint removal with Nano Surface Primers that does the job quicker, with less aggression to the paint, and prepares the surface wonderfully to have full adhesion of the paint sealant, glaze, or ceramic coating that will be applied. While alcohol and Car Pro Eraser is a great paint preparation product to remove residues, the NSPs are the next level, and the greatness of the coating is entirely dependent on its adhesion to the paint. Improper preparation will cause the coating to fail in the future, therefore we will not let this happen. From our Scangrip lighting for the paint correction to our diffused light for ceramic we have it all
to make sure you receive the best service and product that you are looking for.

auto detailing | priming the red car

For those who want to have their car to
– Enjoy better protection on all areas of vehicle including headlights and grills
– Reduce vehicle washes by 50%, IF NOT MORE
– Enjoy a showroom shine
– Enjoy top trade in value
– Ultimate protective coating against damaging ice prevention chemicals
– Don’t have to rush to the car wash to remove damaging ice chemicals from painted surfaces
– Do not have to worry about bug residue, bird droppings, tree sap and road tar permanently staining paint
– Prevents sand-blasting paint from plow trucks spreading sand/salt
– Enjoy protection against UV rays that fade and dry out clear coat paint
– Will have complete satisfaction and pride in driving a vehicle that looks new every day!
– Never have to wax your vehicle!

We apply AUTOTRIZ which is the world’s No.1 nano ceramic coating officially tested, inspected and certified by TÜV SÜD. It is revolutionary coating that utilizes three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure technology to produce extreme clarity, amazing reflection and gloss on the paint. The coating bonds to the pores of the surface generating 9H hardness. Offers excellent resistance against scratches, chemicals and extreme weather conditions. It provides strong water repellent properties that protect the paint surface from dirt, oxidation, discoloration, acid rain, salts and UV rays. Other coatings can require up to 5 or more applications to get a gold standard covering, but AutoTriz with its revolutionary Polysilazane can do it in one coat.

auto detailing | priming the red car

When it comes to acid tests on the paint AutoTriz wins every time. In fact, in our endurance test we applied concentrate acid on a Lamborghini for over 20 repeated applications and there was no degradation in the coating, and that is one coating. The pavement and concrete got damaged on which it was parked but not the car. Graffiti, bugs, bird droppings, and acid fallout are no match for our AutoTriz coatings. For minor polishing purposes and extremely soft paint we will put on more than one coat, but only for the 9H hardness and not the protection level. Our product will last for years, therefore it comes with a seven and 10-year warranty.

For those who want to have a protection that is more temporary we provide our AutoTriz ceramic spray paint sealant. This product provides you with the hardness and smooth sealant that looks like a 9H product. It is great for those wanting their car or truck to look amazing but wanting to simply protect for a season and then upgrade. AutoTriz is for wheels, plastic protection and restoration, windshields, glass, and leather. In fact, we have applied AutoTriz windshield protection on windshields that were pitted, dull, cracked and having rock chips to see how the windshield would stand up to seasonal temperature changes and view ability. The results have been outstanding in those cracks don’t run, the windshield is made stronger and because the AutoTriz filled and sealed the pits the visibility was greatly improved and helped to eliminate stars from oncoming headlights at night. We simply love this product!

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have dull yellow lights in the middle of winter that greatly hinders your line of sight while driving. At God’s Car Detail we restore these lights back to their OEM standards. Factory headlights receive a coating that is UV cured in the factory and over time the sun and elements will break that down causing oxidation that makes them yellow. A polish will remove that oxidation but in a matter of months they will degrade without that OEM coating. We provide that product and cure it with our UV light restoring your headlights with a 3-year warranty. For ease of mind with safety and comfort in driving in our Edmonton winter nights we provide your headlight solution.

With God’s Car detail we, make the purchasing decisions easy for you by keeping packages and pricing to a minimum number of choices, so that you don’t’ have to be looking for add-ons to make sure everything you want and need to be detailed is taken care of. Our experience shows us that customers often are unaware of things that need to be addressed or simply forget about things. At God’s Car Detail we see vehicles all the time and know what to look for and so we put this into our packages to take the stress off our customers. It is all part of going the extra mile for the ones who keep us in business our customers. We give you our price and explain what we do to make sure there is a clear understanding of what to expect and then we stick to it because our word is our bond. God’s Car Detail is the right choice for you because we believe the value of our name is determined by our customers evolution of our work.