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Gary Meller

I am the owner of God’s Car Detail founded the company in 2018. I was born at the University of Alberta hospital in Edmonton and raised in BC until coming back to Edmonton in 1986 where I have remained since then. I was raised with a work ethic that made me want to be the best at whatever I put my focus on, whether fly fishing a mountain stream, skiing down a mountain, being a laborer, doing house renovations, investing in real estate, or running a business. If it is not striving to be the best with an attitude of crushing mediocrity it simply is not worth pursuing for me. I have always been a self learner and never feared to lead into new levels of excellence at work and play, but at the same time I welcome instruction and help from those who have an obvious track record of success that I can learn from. I believe a true leader can only be as good as their humility to learn from others who may have a different perspective and experience.
After I graduated from high school I came to Edmonton where I met my wife of 31 years and together we have a family of two sons and the family dog. Together, we have stepped into real estate investing where we have learned the joy of wise and good investing as well as the horrible pain of making ill informed decisions because of arrogantly thinking previous success taught us all we need to know, and lost investments as a result. It has been an invaluable lesson in learning to investigate and learn from others who have gone before instead of assuming on ones past victories. This lesson has been foundational in helping me to achieve my goals in home renovations, business management, continually acquiring new skills to grow myself, family, and people.
With our church support my wife and I began and operated a soup kitchen that not only offered food, but counsel, a listening ear, and biblical help for individuals that wanted to see God give them new hope and power to live the way God intended. Yet, as good as this was I saw a never ending cycle of dysfunction from lack of money and shelter that would tear families apart, feed addictions, and lock people into a cycle of loss in every area of their life. But for those few that were able to find work and purpose in their lives the pathway to leave the dysfunction became an open door. From this experience, I realized all the talent in the world is not enough if you don’t have the resources to capitalize on it and if I could provide an avenue for people to have a chance to find work and purpose I would be benefiting my community, myself, family, and business which is why I do car detailing.
Nothing is quite so satisfying as knowing you have been able to help somebody beat the challenges that were pressing against them. In renovations I would always ensure that the unseen work was done with excellence so that the seen work would shine for tenants who needed a safe, quality, and enjoyable place to live. When I was engaged with people needing a new start in life, it was so satisfying to see when the unseen details were taken care of the person was able to stand with dignity because the seen qualities of the person were clean and easy to appreciate. This life experience of taking care of details in work, play, and everyday living has formed the foundation for me to build and lead God’s Car Detail.
I intend that every customer who comes to God’s Car Detail will know they have been taken care of concerning cleaning interiors and exteriors, protecting their vehicle from corrosive salts and iron deposits by training employees and customers to have a manageable system to clean and detail their vehicle for years of vehicle enjoyment.
Gary has an eye to see the small and hidden things with a drive to take the time to invest in the exterior and interior of every vehicle that comes to God’s Car Detail.
Gary leads the detailing business to train employees to do the job with excellence and evolve to train and lead newcomers in the business. Gary has the mindset that if we can empower his employees with the work that they do, both the customers who come to have their cars cleaned and the employees will benefit. With both sides feeling good about what they do we become positioned to provide superior detailing experiences for our customers. It is a philosophy of honor in everything that we do and that is why Gary is continually evolving his business skills, getting certifications, and developing in product technology to honor everyone who comes to God’s Car Detail. He strives to provide the best paint polishing and ceramic coatings so car and truck owners will have pride of ownership and confidence knowing the vehicle is going to overcome Edmonton’s harsh weather.
I am a member of the International Detailing Association and am continually to discover new applications and information and skill by leaning on the combined experience and knowledge of the international detailing world. I stand on the shoulders of research companies like Dr. Beasley’s, Rupes Products, and detailing experts in order that God’s Car Detailing delivers the best service, products, and fair pricing that makes God’s Car Detailing stand out among others.

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Paint polishing technology has evolved over the last 100 years from shellac paints to carnauba wax to nano technology. As paint evolved with the clear coat being able to take correction to remove swirls, scratches, and marks products were designed with abrasives to cut away surface marks leaving a brilliant new shine on the car. These abrasives fall into two categories of SMAT and DAP which are Diminishing Abrasive Products and Super Micro Abrasive Technology. The DAP is very small seashells that grind away to nothing as the compound is being worked on the surface of the paint with a polishing machine, while the SMAT is very small rocks with jagged edges that cut into the surface of the clear coat.

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