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Paint Protection

Auto Detailing

Paint correction is like a healthy skin regimen to restore and maintain good looking skin. It has three parts to it which are cleaning/decontamination, removing blemishes, and leveling paint to give a beautiful glossy look. Just like the pores of skin get clogged and blemishes appear paint also gets clogged with blemishes. Dirt, tar, sap, industrial fallout create marks in the surface of the paint that makes it look scratched, hazy, and dull. That haze is actually micro scratches that have been filled with contaminants and those contaminants won’t leave with a regular car wash. All paint expands and contracts with heat and cold and as it expands dust and various contaminants fill those spider lines and become embedded within the clear coat.

So the vehicle has to have a deep clean that not only removes surface dirt but also breaks down the waxes and oils that are filling the pores/scratches. This requires a two-stage or three-stage cleaning to remove the surface dirt, waxes and sealants. It’s important to note that we are doing a clean and not a scrub of the vehicle. The soap is intended to lift the dirt while the mit is intended to move it off the vehicle with a lot of lubrication. Scrubbing a dirt spot is like sanding and it will cause marks, therefore when we wash a vehicle we need to treat it right and not like a dish plate that needs to be scrubbed.Auto Detailing

In the first stage the surface is given a preparatory clean with car wash soap that removes all hydro carbons that are found in paint sealants and waxes. These need to be removed because if they are left they will act like a sacrificial barrier and when polishing the pad will get clogged and be unable to polish as intended. This soap is more aggressive and is not safe for freshly waxed and polished vehicles so you do not want to do regular cleaning with this type of soap. After we have washed and dried the vehicle we go on to the next stage.

If doing a three stage clean the next step will be a iron fallout clean to remove iron deposits from brake dust and contaminants in the atmosphere. These iron deposits are easily seen on white paint as yellow or orange spots that just don’t go away. Spraying the body with iron fallout will eat those spots away as well as other contaminants on the surface of the paint. You know it’s working because the clear liquid on the paint turns purple as it engages the iron deposits. Be careful not to let this product dry because it will leave very noticeable spots afterwards. The product needs about 5 to 10 minutes to dwell after which we go over the vehicle with a clean wash mitt to ensure 100% coverage and then we rinse and dry it.

At this point ferrous deposits, waxes, compounds, and surface dirt will be gone and the vehicle will look clean but within those lines where the paint has been expanding and contracting dirt contaminants are still present and you will know it by gently touching the lubricated paint and noticing it is not glass smooth. It feels rough because dirt is stick in the pores of the paint and if not removed they will act like sand paper on the paint. Like Biore strips that removes skin contaminants we use automotive clay to pick up these contaminants and completely clean the car. So using a lubricant such as soap or clay bar lubricant we rub the clay over that entire vehicle including the glass to pick up and remove the lodged contaminants. Again, we are not scrubbing the paint, we are letting the clay do its work by letting it gently glide over the surface and once there is no restriction or friction we know that area is done. Again we rinse and dry using a designated microfiber drying towel and at this point the paint is truly clean.

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Once the vehicle is clean all those pores/scratches have to be cut down so the paint becomes level. This is called the cut polish because we are cutting away a fine level of clear coat to remove the blemishes (swirls, fine wash lines). A door ding and snow removal mark are generally deeper than the hazy spider web areas and require more cutting. The desire is to remove just enough to keep the life of the paint and make it look great.

Once the cutting is finished we do a much gentler polish that does very slight leveling and makes the paint look new. This polishing step blends the heavier cut areas with the less cut areas to make everything look brand new. At this point the vehicle paint is restored and can be sealed with a glaze polish, wax, or Nano polymer paint sealant depending on what the customer wants.

Polishing and paint protection vary greatly depending on what a customer wants to pay or desires to do on their own. Show cars can have well over one hundred hours put into perfecting and leveling the paint and also spends thousands of dollars getting it done. An every day driver probably doesn’t want that kind of polish and so significantly less time is put into the polishing. For this reason you should always get an estimate of the time and price before the work based on the detailer examining the vehicle with you. Furthermore, if you are getting your paint detailed you should make sure to ask lots of questions and make sure your worker is also asking you questions to determine what your expectations are as well as the detailers. The difference between expectations can be the difference between a good experience and a terrible one.

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Auto Detailing | oem headlight cleaning


Headlight Restoration

Foggy headlights not only look bad; they’re also a safety issue. When headlights become fogged, the lights are dimmer. This limits the driver’s vision and compromises the safety of everyone on the road. When a vehicle leaves the manufacturer, its headlights have a UV-cured hard coat on them. Gclear is based on this OE formula, giving your customer the same quality they could expect from a brand new car. Gclear is different from other headlight repair systems because it is a UV-cured hard coat. During the restoration process, Gclear bonds directly to the polycarbonate. This creates results that last for years (and years). Using the G Clear system headlights can be restored back to their original, crystal-clear condition becuase unlike spray-on, sanding-only, or clear coat applications, Gclear is a UV-cured hard coat that bonds directly to the material of the headlight. Most systems create results that look great for a couple months. When cured with the Gclear Curing Lamp, Gclear creates results that last for years (and years)


Nano Surface Primer

Paint polishing technology has evolved over the last 100 years from shellac paints to carnauba wax to nano technology. As paint evolved with the clear coat being able to take correction to remove swirls, scratches, and marks products were designed with abrasives to cut away surface marks leaving a brilliant new shine on the car. These abrasives fall into two categories of SMAT and DAP which are Diminishing Abrasive Products and Super Micro Abrasive Technology. The DAP is very small seashells that grind away to nothing as the compound is being worked on the surface of the paint with a polishing machine, while the SMAT is very small rocks with jagged edges that cut into the surface of the clear coat.


In addition, these compounds require a “carrier” in order to evenly distribute the abrasives and prevent the total destruction of the clear coat. These polishing compounds have two significant issues for later applications of coatings that will keep and protect the beauty of the vehicle’s paint. The first is the uneven surfaces of the abrasives dig unevenly and too deep removing more clear coat than is needed. This is a problem because if a clear coat fails the vehicle has to be repainted costing thousands of dollars. Therefore it is so important to have excellent paint thickness gages to know how much correcting is happening on the surface of the vehicle. With these abrasives the clear coat, (while looking smooth to the naked eye) is in fact somewhat jagged in its surface which makes it possible for contaminates to stick and wear down the paint making it dull again. The second problem is the carrier is usually made of some type of wax, silicone, paraffin, or oil and as noted already the jagged surface of the freshly polished paint is coated in those carriers and standard products like isopropyl alcohol do not remove them perfectly. That is a problem because the adhesion of nano sealants and nano ceramics is only as good as the cleanliness of the surface. Most failure of nano sealants is not because of the product, but because the surface was not sufficiently prepared, and the product could not adhere correctly. Nano Surface Primers are the answer to these issues because unlike the abrasives of sea shells and jagged rocks, NSP products use engineered micro spheres developed particles that have rounded surfaces for that provide greater cutting while removing less material from the clear coat and leaving a much smoother surface that contaminants have a much harder time adhering too and they remove all waxes, paraffins, solvents, and oils leaving a surface that is ready for surface protecting nano sealants. Secondly, Nano Surface Protection uses engineered micro gel that has no silicones or waxes which means the when the polishing is finished the surface is clean with a super smooth surface. The benefits of using NSPs is superior engineered micro spheres, was and silicone free micro gel for a carrier, better efficiency because its cooler and quicker. Whether it is a spray on ceramic coating or a high-end ceramic like AutoTriz that is warrantied to last 7 to 10 years the product is going to work well and customers will get the protection and beauty that they deserve for their car or truck.

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Vehicle Cleaning

Paint polishing technology has evolved over the last 100 years from shellac paints to carnauba wax to nano technology. As paint evolved with the clear coat being able to take correction to remove swirls, scratches, and marks products were designed with abrasives to cut away surface marks leaving a brilliant new shine on the car. These abrasives fall into two categories of SMAT and DAP which are Diminishing Abrasive Products and Super Micro Abrasive Technology. The DAP is very small seashells that grind away to nothing as the compound is being worked on the surface of the paint with a polishing machine, while the SMAT is very small rocks with jagged edges that cut into the surface of the clear coat.


God’s Car Detailing provides professional car exterior hand wash cleaning in Edmonton, AB. We will treat your car with PH neutral soaps and the most up to date car care products and tools to make sure it is beneficial and safe for you and your vehicle. God’s Car Detail does as much hands free rinsing and soaking with cleansing soap before we mechanically wash with a clean wash mitt in order to ensure blemish free cleaning for your car and auto needs. One of the main benefits of car hand wash cleaning is that it is much more thorough giving a truly great clean to your vehicle. Trusting your car with experts who will care and protect your car while cleaning it gives you confidence that your car will be properly cleaned in a safe and professional manner.

Comes with:
– Pre-cleaning in multiple steps
– Hand washing with high quality PH neutral soap
– Door, hood, and truck frame cleaning
– Rim cleaning with safe wheel brushes and cleaners
– Air Drying with 8 HP heated Metro Vac and extremely soft towels
– Inside and outside window and mirror cleaning
– Satin black tire dressing


In addition to God’s Car Detailing exterior wash we also provide a decontaminating wash for cars and trucks that need a coating or wax treatment. This service includes decontamination soap soak, hot water rinse, tar removal, wax and silicone removal with hand wash, iron decontamination, and clay bar application with air dry to prevent water spots. A good polish, sealant, or ceramic is recommended to keep contaminants from embedding and remaining on freshly cleaned paint.

car detailing | inside detailingFor vehicles that have not had regular maintenance cleaning God’s Car Detail also does wheel decontamination. Brake dust that has remained on the barrels of a wheel becomes deeply embedded and will not come off without and brake dust remover. God’s Car Detail provides the customer with the option of having us remove and clean the wheels or clean them on the car or automobile.

Comes with:
– Wheel wells detailing with wheels removal – from $200
– Rim decontamination faces – from $25/per rim
– Rim decontamination inside/out – from $50/per rim


Ceramic Coatings

Why AutoTriz ceramic coatings? God’s Car Detail is a certified installer of Europe’s number one ceramic coating. AutoTriz is the premier ceramic that provides superior protection against UV degradation, graffiti ink stains, acid protection, 9H hardness, corrosion protection, extreme gloss, and provides superior hydrophobic properties. While AutoTriz ceramic paint protection is warrantied from 7 to 10 years with proper care it will last a lot longer than 10 years. We use Nano Surface Primer (NSP) to ensure a completely clean and contaminate free surface for superior adhesion of the product. Unlike other warranties, AutoTriz applications do not need to be inspected regularly to keep the warranty in tact because we are so confident in our product.

Auto detail | Auto triz differentiation graphic

God’s Car Detail also provides Dr. Beasley’s Formula 1201 to protect cars through Edmonton’s harsh winters. FORMULA 1201 is an easy-to-use ceramic nanocoating for glossy paint. Applied wet to activate the coating bond, Formula 1201 gives paint durable protection against contaminants and micro-marring. Engineered for hydrophobicity, it repels water to help prevent water spotting and promote self-cleaning.
PROTECTS PAINT AGAINST THE ELEMENTS Protects against bird droppings, insect remains & water spots for 1+ years
ACTIVE WATER REPELLANCY Hydrophobic to push water off and reduce water spots after wetting
DEEP MIRROR SHINE Boosts shine for mirror-like gloss that beats any wax or sealant